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All March Tournament Dinos, Revealed

Ok, so far, I’ve edited these 2 creatures and exposed them image
Kaprosuchus Gen 2

  • Postosuchus Animations
    -Tournament Rarity
    -Iguanodon Animations
    -Tournament Rarity
  • Probably Meat Shield

2 dinos exposed, 2 to go

I am not sure these qualify as leaks… since the pictures came from the game. A leak would mean a select few or only one person had access to the information.

In this case everyone had access to the same information. A more appropriate title might be “Edited March Matches Pictures”.


Yes lol :joy: It’s probably like exposed dinos. Btw I really like your YouTube channel @Sionsith Keep it up!!!


That aren’t all march tournament dinosaurs. Well the last one is probably for that new hybrid poll but we might get a 3rd new creature

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I wish 3rd new will be Saurophaganax

If it’s a carnivore it should be Dakotaraptor or deinonychus

And then allo g2 and then finally My fav. hybrid alloraptor :sweat_smile:

But it could be another herb. Like miragaia and scolosaurus (we didn’t had a new ankylosaur and stegosaur for a lobg time now) as well as a new cenozoic like carbonemys or haast eagle

I THink we get so many herb in last time…

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