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All my booster gone after new update

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Hey @VincentSilver77, I’m sorry to hear there’s been some sort of error with your game since the update. However, I’m a little…lost, as to what the problem actually is. I’m curious if you even have the correct forum? I’m not sure if there’s been a mistranslation or if you intended this to be for the Jurassic Park game. I don’t play it, personally, but they use boosters, right?

Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to contact support, either in-game or via email. I’m sure they’ll help you as best they can to figure out what happened and compensate you for any loss. The email is Good luck, and I hope it gets resolved quickly!

Wrong category indeed. Should have tagged Jurassic World buddy. This is Dragons: Titan Uprising. Different game, though dragons are just evolved dinosaurs. :upside_down_face:

Hey VincentSilver77, I’m sorry to hear that. However, the boost reset is part of the new update. There is some more information here:

Regarding the “revert” option, the revert button should appear on the bottom right corner when you tap on the creature’s stat where the Stat Boosts were applied.