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All my mega hybrid ideas and a new Apex

The 3 mega hybrids are made with Spinotasuchus, as it is pretty useless, this would be a great chance for it to get back into the spotlight.

Spinotasuchus + Sarcorixis = Spinotarixis.

Spinotasuchus + Indominus Gen 2 = Indotasuchus.

Spinotasuchus + Titanoboa = Titanotasuchus.

As you can see, everyone has at least one super hybrid in their genetic makeup, and with that it would be a new rank of hybrids: the Mega Hybrids.

I also made a new Apex, the first with regards to crocodiles, the Hydrasuchus.

All are extremely strong and helpful, they would certainly change the goal. Do you like the ideas? I am open to criticism, especially regarding the strength of dinosaurs. If there are a lot of OP’s let me know, haha.




Sounds like a bleeders revolution, haha. Spinotarixis image made by @Saurophaganax18 .

Some images are a little low quality, sorry.

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all of these are too op and mega hybrids will never and should never get added because they would be too op

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In terms of spinotarixis I definitely think ludia will stray away from creating a hybrid with 6 components: einia, nunda,sarco, spino, kapro and utah :man_facepalming:

NOT EVEN MENTIONING the most absurd amount of gold required, other than that I do like the design but just no please


Man, cost here would be the least. Even more if we consider his strength, and indeed, a lot must have high level Sarcorixis for being extremely strong. And well, it would be worth a lot if we take into account its strength.

man, these ideas would cost a lot of DNA to be created, mega hybrids didn’t enter the game anytime soon and they shouldn’t enter

Cost isn’t unimportant, not every player is maxed out and players with low level uniques would seriously not be able to afford it. Aside from that, u definitely haven’t considered how broken all these moves are. Ludia would never release anything this broken and hence the reason why they don’t want to consider mega hybrids

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Bro last pic to op

spinotarixis would need attack buff because its a unique

I’ll change them a little then, ok?

Better now? And I decided to drop the idea of ​​Titanotasuchus and Hydrasuchus and just ended up with Spinotarixis and Indotasuchus, which I liked a lot.

First off, Corrosive Wounding Distraction and Abysmal Adrenaline are both horrifically too powerful moves. AA has no business healing 1.5, boosting damage, and doing 1.5x (actually 2.25x since its boosted THEN does the hit) damage all while being a priority move. While CWD does Distraction for 3 Turns, a 33% dot, 1.5 damage, and has a cool down of only 1. No, just no.

Secondly, why in gods name does Spinotarixis have SISS, Wounding Counter, AND No Escape on top of that layout of great to insane moves, some of the best resistances, and base stats like that.

That’s better?
Any other tips? Regarding SISS, it’s because Sarcorixis has a lot to do with stuns, so I preferred it as an exchange than as blows.

this is a significantly more balanced version, however abysmal adrenaline is significantly broken still.
Think about it, it is an instant priority rampage that also boosts attack for your team + heals.
i would prefer you keep the attack at 1200 and then my version would be Ready to Crush but with a group heal (1x) and then group attack for 1x . then possibly change the cleansing strike for some type of impact, perhaps critical impact. IN terms of corrosive wounding there are some big problems, like the cooldown HAS to be increased from 1 to 3, and decrease the bleed to 20% over 3 turns and make the group attack occur before vulnerability. Also, probably get the health to 4000, considering it has a heal as well, and armor to 15% because at those stats it would too tanky for its damage output

Okay, I’ll polish it more. But the intention was for him to reach the top of the finish line, together with the strongest uniques and the Apex’s, you understand?

if the intention is to be a great pvp creature u have to remove the target all opponents attacks and just make them single target, coz i saw it to be a good raid creature, but thats my opinion

It got better?

Like, my intention was to make a very strong dinosaur for both PvP and raids, because it would have a very high cost, because it was made with two super hybrids. Do you think that was good?