All new dinos are gone

All of the new dinos have disappeared from my collection. Anybody else have this problem?


Same happened to me… all the creatures are gone… why Ludia :sob::sob::sob: @Ned

can confirm this did just happen, update 2.4 is fake nothing changed haha

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A very menial update and they screwed up again…

As usual

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Yes, I’ve unlocked Oviraptor and my game froze and now it’s disappeared again.

same. all gone from my list. even ankylodicorus.
wonder if they were fixing the spawning locations or something.

Notifying our team! Thanks, everyone.


Ah another update another mess up on ludia’s part

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@Ned you could let us know when they come back. thanks

I’m gonna be really unhappy if we lose everything we’ve caught so far. Been out darting since it came back online

If you open/restart your game right now, none of the creatures added in update 2.4 are in the game. Ankylocodon doesn’t even show an available hybrid anymore. Any DNA used to create the new hybrids is still gone.

Yeah how they gunna sort that out, dna & coins used in fuses , what a mess.

so that’s why I can’t get dna from the sanctuary, I have now wasted 3 play and feed things, thx ludia

Yep I have just come online for the first time and have updated…nothing new in dino list. So guessing that is why I can’t find any as well

Just unlocked Oviraptor. Now gone. Really?

Hey everyone, could you please try restarting your game and see if you’re able to see the dinos again?

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they are back.

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Back now thx @Ned

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What a joke. Still waiting for 1 whole week of no issues, doesn’t seem to be a thing.

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mine ankylodicurus disappered and when I restarted the game it was showing to fuse it again,
I spend about 350 deodicurus dna and all dna just disappeared… :rage:very much disappointed