All-new Thagomizer

Used by: Wuerhosaurus, Carnotarkus, Future pterosaur+stegosaur hybrids
Cooldown: 3 Delay: 1
All Opponents: Reduce speed by 50% for 2 turns
Random: DoT 15% for 2 turns. 50% chance to Stun for 1 turn
This is my plan to re-introduce Thagomizer into the game.
Do you agree?

    • Yes, Thagomizer needs to come back (put your plan below)
    • Yes, I like your plan for re-introducing thagomizer
    • No! Thagomizer should not come back!
    • Meh, i dont care

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Thagomizer should definitely return to the game. Here’s my idea:


Probably shouldn’t be priority while slowing and stunning. This would counter fierce as well as cunning creatures. And we certainly don’t want resilients to be more oppressive

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I think thagomizer should apply slow and dot while doing the damage of an impact, this makes the 3 turn cooldown worth it

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Like the thought of it doing DOT :+1:


That isnt my idea but I think it still should happen. Its logical and gives the stegosaurs something that separates them from all the other resilients

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I am going to edit my post so it has DoT
it seems to be very popular
Ok, it is edited
tell me what u think

This is how I would like the moves to be distributed:

Stegosaurus, Miragaia, Kentrosaurus, Trykosaurus, Stegoceratops

Weurhosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Dsungaia, Touramoloch, Ankentrosaurus

Toujangosaurus, Diorajasaurus, Carnotarkus, Monstegotops


why did u use exploit wound icon?

I like the icon :grinning:

Impact has greater cooldown than rampage

I made it like that simply so it’s not super OP in raids.

impact should have 1 cooldown and rampage gets 2
unless u actually apply dot

Your thagomizer is kind of op, so I’ll make my own,

Attack 1.5x, slow for 2 turns, attack all, DoT 0.25 for 2 turns (inflict bleed to highest health), cool down is 2.

If it only had a Cooldown of 1 that would mean it’s OP on some dinosaurs. For example Trykosaurus.

Actually looking at it I made trykosaurus OP again.

think of it like this
superior vulner strike: c=0
impact: c=1
rmpg: c=2 (sometimes d=1-2)

I get it but I prefer balance of creatures over balance of Abilties. That’s why nobody thinks Indoraptor gen 2 is a problem anymore.

thagomizer is characteristic of the Stegosaurudae, therefore that ability must be Resilient and not Fierce

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and DoT would make it different and give stegosaurs uniqueness