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All-new Thagomizer

There is no option for no stun chance

well i cant edit it so just type in chat for no stun chance
and dont vote for stun

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Actually Balancing Resilients

Bring back Thagomizers as a special class of moves that slow and remove dodge (replacing group decelerating attacks on stegosaurs), but don’t cleanse distraction. This would allow resilient attacks to become precise only while still letting some resilients to remove dodge entirely.

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My version of the Thag:

If Megalogaia is getting that move, it might as well get a redesign; and possibly a new animation, since it doesn’t actually have thagomizers.

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Opps! Didn’t realize that I will edit my post now.

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new tail design:

(long tail)

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That’s good but I like Kristorex’s interpretation best.

I’m not really sure. I like the idea of some creatures getting thagomizer back but i think some effects shouldn’t be on It. Bleed is a fierce effect, so while It may fit in theme, It is detrimental to balance. But i think slow and vulnerability are pretty fitting. Stun could be there If It is a very low chance.

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image My version of thagomizer