All of a sudden not qualified for tournament?


This person was qualified last week, has a bunch of legendaries (who’s ingredients alone should be enough to do the tournament) and now this happened. How is that possible?



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Yeah, over half my alliance isn’t qualified. I’d like to know why as well

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It’s a visual glitch

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What do players need to qualify for tournament? We have a few members that are long in our alliance, were qualified in february, have high level (arena 10) and there is now standing “not qualified”. We want to kick out everybody, who’s consequently not joining tournament although qualified but no one who had no chance to join.

It’s a visual glitch they can do the tournament

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Everybody who’s in badland?

If they have enough trophies to be in Badlands or above they should be qualified. One thing you should consider if you have lower levelled players is they sometimes lack the amount of certain creatures needed to actually participate even though they show qualified

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Thank you. We only kick out, who didn’t participate once in the whole month. As the cointournament was with usual and rare ones this should be possible for everybody who’s qualified.