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All of the dinosaurs that haven't been in tournaments/COT this year

Looking at the event timetables, I’ve noticed some creatures haven’t had unlock events whether they’re tournaments or clash of titans. They are:
Yutyrannus (Battle stage as well)
Suchodus (though I think hopefully it will be this weekend since it’s an aquatic)
Mosasaurus (Battle stage as well)
Woolly Mammoth
Megatherium (Battle Stage as well)

Correct me if I’m wrong or if I forgot any.

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I believe Einio and Kentro have. Not sure though. I remember not participating in these…and now I need em :woozy_face:

Wait… looking at your list I believe there were more that were made available at some point.

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All non-hybrid, non-VIP creatures have had at least one unlock event. Here are the most recent events. It looks like most of the creatures you are interested in had unlocks between August 2019 and January 2020

Metriacanthosaurus - 10/14/19
Troodon - 9/9/19, November 2019 Clash
Yutyrannus - 11/25/19
Erlikosaurus - 9/23/19
Einiosaurus - 11/11/19
Nodosaurus - 8/26/19
Kentorsaurus - 9/30/19
Tupuxura - 4/29/19
Eryops - 10/14/19
Archelon - 8/19/19
Suchodus - 7/29/19
Mosasaurus - 11/19/18, April 2019 Clash
Eucladoceras - 12/23/19
Mastodon - 12/16/19
Woolly Mammoth - 5/20/19
Urtinotherium - 9/16/19*
Megatherium - 5/27/19*
Gigantophis - 12/9/19

*Unlock occurred prior to the Cenozoic re-balance of November 2019 which elevated these creatures to tournament legendary status


I didn’t really understood what @E_F said.

Everything currently in the game has had an unlock opportunity at some point. Just might have to go back further to find when it happened.


Since some of us have everything unlocked there must have been at least one unlock for each creature in the last 3 1/2 years. This is how long I am playing now and I have every creature.
3 1/2 years seems to be a lifetime but this is a game for guys with a lot of patience.


@Tommi true, some people who are very impatient quit the game because they feel a little sad seeing us mid-high game players’ progress and wonder why they don’t have such high-end creatures without even having played for 2+ months. (I recommended it to some of my friends, they tried it an are struggling for Alangasaurus, they were SO jealous seeing my park, lineup and resources that they wanted to quit! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

One of my friend (park level 36 or so) asked me if I had hacked the game seeing 80M coins, 7K DBs and 40M food in my park :joy:

I’ll keep playing this game as long till Ludia shuts it down, I won’t make the same mistake I did with JPB.


What would really be awesome is if from November 2020 (one year after the battle-stage change update), Monday unlock creatures were rotated from the current set of creatures to a completely different set of creatures, just like they’re rotating S-DNA for specific time.

It would really spice up the game.

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It would be great if they rotate more in general. But I’m afraid it is their way to keep some of the creatures a total rarity while we are flooded with others.
I started to record each dino I win, buy or fuse this march. In the last 6 months I got 1,166 creatures, among them

  • 37 Shunosaurus
  • 33 Guanlong
  • 31 Argentinosaurus
  • 30 Tropeognathus
  • 28 Ichthyostega

and so on. This is more than 13% just for the top five.

On the other side there are 43 creatures that I did not get at all, including 21 tournament legendaries and even some super rares.

Furthermore the game is too much dominated by Jurassics. I know that some of us have no interest in the other classes, but for me it is too much Jurassic. I especially would like to see more classes…prehistoric insects for example.

  • 1,166 creatures total
  • 1,022 Jurassics (87.65%)
  • 94 Amphibians (8.06%)
  • 50 Cenoics (4.29%)

@Tommi here’s my recordings of locked creatures I’ve got so far :

Tuojiangosaurus 6x
Coloborhynchus 4x
Pelicanimimus 9x

Pyroraptor 9x
Allosaurus 4x
Giganotosaurus 10x
Nasutoceratops 9x
Corythosaurus 7x

Euoplocephalus 2x
Metriorhynchus 5x
Rajasaurus 13x (good for me, it’s one of my favourites :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Supersaurus 7x
Parasaurolophus 4x
Aerotitan 10x

Scaphognathus 12x
Dimetrodon 5x
Prionosuchus 6x
Sarcosuchus 1x
Suchomimus 6x

Some of these have REALLY good hybrids but since I don’t wanna give away max locked creatures I’m resisting :crying_cat_face: I think I might go for Rajastega since I’m close to another max… but other hybrids like Suprannotitan/Nundagosaurus/Pachyceratops/Metrialong, etc are a big no-no for me.


This should be called “All of the dinosaurs that haven’t been in CoT”


That would be a still longer list

I should say, “All tournament dinosaurs that hasn’t had a CoT yet”

I knew what you meant, so my comment still stands. By my count, only 16 different creatures have had a Clash of Titans. I count 45 different tournament creatures, excluding hybrids.

Of course, two of the creatures on the above list have had Clashes; Troodon has actually had three Clashes (August 2018, May 2019, November 2019)


Or gals! :smile:

It’s the fact that you can’t easily get to the top levels of this game so quickly that appealed to me in the first place. So many other games I get bored with pretty quickly.

I was thrilled to finally get my 8th Leptocleidus on yesterday’s aquatic event. It will be the first level 40 creature I earn a badge for without getting the unlock for… seeing as Ludia has a particular aversion to letting higher level players get SR aquatic unlocks in particular!


@Mary_Jo congrats on the Lepto! It feels real nice to max out a locked creature, I am somehow loving this challenge of maxing up locked stuff (Aerotitan, Rajasaurus, Nasutoceratops, Pyroraptor, Pelicanimimus, Scaphognathus, etc) but I would never say no to a different set of creatures in rotation for Monday unlocks :joy:

It’s kinda challenging and also a there’s that grinding fun to max locked creatures.

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Yes, particularly an aquatic which there just aren’t all that many opportunities to get. Luckily I got all the Jurassics before they took them out of the battle stages.


@Mary_Jo after I finally got a Dominator-worthy lineup, I realised that I am enjoying Tournaments the most in this game :

  1. The natural suspense of waking up and checking rank even though you got sufficient trophies
  2. Excellent morning runs
  3. Stitching together both PvE and PvP those three days

Everytime a Tournament finishes, I somehow by instinct expect to see a scoreboard as soon as I open the game :joy: I find Tournaments to be the best aspect of this game.


Yes, tournaments were exciting for me too at one point… not so much now unless it’s for a new creature, or one I’ve been waiting to get for a long time, particularly when the rewards for playing aren’t as good as they used to be. I can easily land in first place every tournament if I wanted to… this most recent one I probably ended around 90th just from lack of effort. I think I enjoy the boss events more now, even though their rewards got nerfed as well. I had been on a mission to maximize my Code 19 rewards for awhile, so had been filling paddocks rather than evolving everything, but going back down to just 3 a day, and my inability to reliably get perfect scores on them no matter how long I keep doing them is kind of killing off my determination to keep trying.


I used to push #1 in tournaments too! Now, once I hit 2000 trophies (by Saturday morning at the latest), I’ll only do it for daily missions.

I’m starting to like the Boss more now too.