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All of the dinosaurs that haven't been in tournaments/COT this year

Yeah im the same way with the Erlikosaurus, where i need 1 more from the lottery to get a lvl 40, that im going to use for the hybrid.

Does filling paddocks increase sdna or DNA? I though it just increases XP while ferocity if the paddock increases the DNA and sdna values.

It increases both SDNA and DNA.

Keep in mind, commons won’t increase past 5 SDNA even if full.

Full is number of dinos. They do NOT have to be at L40 for increased code 19 rewards.

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Really? I have to try this! Thanks again Timmah

Yes, I’ve been working on maxing out as many paddocks as I can. It appears that the amounts tend to increase with each pair… so 11 dinos will get the same result as 12, 9 the same as 10 and so forth. Typically it’s the DNA rewards that I’m going for mostly so I stash any paddocks that won’t get me close to 400 DNA for a perfect score, which is all the commons (not including hybrids) and the rares that have less than 9 creatures, and most of the tournaments and other creatures that only have 1 or 2 in the paddock, other than tournament hybrids which still score well even with small numbers. Right now I’ve been doing pretty good at the Code 19s and getting at least 2 out of the 3 perfect scores each day so averaging 1K+ DNA each day. Not too shabby.


What dinosaurs get 8 sdna by any chance. And does the sdna value increase with the DNA by maxing the paddock.

Yes, the sDNA increases with the number of creatures in the paddock. There aren’t specific ones that get 8 for that reason, you’ll see it a lot of times as you add additional numbers to your paddocks before they get up to 10.

Ok thanks. Should I worry about this. I am by far not close to the end term so is this worth it for me to work on or just kinda do it simultaneously with my other goals as I see fit?

It’s really your choice. I didn’t really work on it much until I had accomplished other game goals like completing all the missions and being able to finish tournaments and all other events without needing any CDs.

Ok. Ill just do it side by side with other projects.

In this thread I did a data dump of a lot of the thresholds of creatures and what their rewards are…


I took a look over it, appreciate it 100% some great stuff :+1: