All offline

Sucks been months since had anyone fully online I get one here and there but it’s been months since all of my characters went offline. I can’t get new characters either so been waiting on the ones I do have. Who’s everyone waiting for and can’t wait for their updates and have a finished story?

Sage, Jasmin, Felicia, Alice, Fei and Susan. Also Daniel, William, Skylar, Dr Vile, Ingrid and Wyatt

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I am actually waiting for William, Hugo, Dr. Vile, and Skylar

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I have a few of them too I especially can’t wait for Skylar out of the bunch you’ve mentioned. :laughing:

Same I’m conflicted with Hugo though with all the back and forth.

Those are my favorites besides Jade, Bex and Julia.

I’ll be happy to see updates and a finished story for any of my matches, especially those that have been AWOL for over a year.
But the ones I’m most excited to see have a happy ending are Clementine, Dahlia, Elizabeth, Eve, Fei, Julia and Sage. Also Bex, even though she is a summer character, a spring fling was teased, and I want that spring fling.


I feel you, I am super conflicted with Hugo too but somehow I am also curious how his storyline will go!

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Yeah I am too but I got that nagging feeling toward it to.