All our Dino’s except one just disappeared

We’re currently visiting Rock Hill, SC and there were many many dinosaurs for us to collect. We’ve been primarily focusing on Sinoceratops DNA and moved to the event location where one was on our map. After we got there, the Sinoceratops disappeared. As we looked around, we noticed that all the dinosaurs except one Dimorphodon off in the distance had disappeared. The strike event cans and supply drops are still on the map. This was on both my girlfriend and my phone. We both restarted the app and the Dino’s still did not reappear. This happened about 5:30PM (EST). It’s been twenty minutes and a few Dino’s have begun repopulating the map, but we still don’t have the weekend event Dino’s reappearing.

Anybody else seen this kind of behavior out of the game? Was this the time the game switched from daytime to dusk maybe?

My guess is that when you got there it reached the 6 hour spawn time and that is why the dinos under the green supply drops disappeared. They will respawn after around 15 minutes if this chart is right.

Thank you for the reply. We’re pretty sure it was a time of day change. Just surprised us when everything disappeared and wasn’t coming back for a while. We are now seeing our nighttime Dino’s.

I guess they give the dino’s a lunch break every so often.

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