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Why does all of your special events have to be based off of PVP? Can’t your company come up with some other kind of adventure besides challenge mode? I am only FTP, started your heroic adventure which is just test of might. So many people complain about this mode. Even though it’s unlimited play my first 12 games I’ve lost everyone of them. I’m still sitting on a goose egg. I’m only 2500 trophies but can’t seem to even win even 1 game in your heroic adventure. This is what frustrates people. Your company doesn’t seem to care about balancing pvp so it’s fair.

Please come up with another game mode that is not based around a flawed pvp system!

What’s interesting is that your starting trophy count for the event is 500 above your current season’s max.

You can also be matched against regular players in battle mode who don’t have this trophy count inflation. That means that the regular losses is common across all players and designed to increase difficulty.

If you lose 30 trophies a game, it takes you 17 straight losses before you’re actually fighting someone with the same trophy count as you.

For more information about how the event matchmaking works, see this guide:

I haven’t been playing much recently or following the forums much but I am a little confused. If trophy counts are 500 above your max then wouldn’t your opponents be as well? So you should still be fighting the same people? Or are you talking about fighting bots? Or is there something I missed in other posts?

@Mkb617, its good to see your return.

The dilemma I have encountered with the revised algorithm arises when Battle Mode players (with no trophy count adjustment) are mismatched against Event players with their adjusted Event trophy count. The adjustment is functionally utilizing Battle Mode players to ‘liberate’ resources from weaker players who are disadvantaged by the adjustment. This only gets worse for event players as their trophy count increases as they progress through the event.

This algorithm has provided some farcical mismatches for me in regular Battle Mode during these event periods. For example, during one of the most recent events, the system matched my account against someone with 3200 fewer trophies.

Instead of routing the weaker opponents, I abandon such matches to assist these players. Letting them win allows them to preserve some of their hard earned resources, which are otherwise being stolen by a system the developer has rigged against them.

Read below:

Gotcha, thanks I figured I was missing something. Even if we don’t always agree, I appreciate that your comments are always well thought out.