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All suggestions welcome!

Looking for some help from more experienced players!
I’ve dropped almost 500 trophies over the last 2 or 3 days and kind seem to find any traction at all. I’m playing unboosted since the update.
First day or two after the update I was on fire and climbing up the ranks in Aviary now I’m back in the Manor and heading down still!
Current line up is

And on the Bench is


Tough to say for sure, but i’d probably drop anklyocodon for either steggod, traggo, or einia.
Everything else on the team is pretty solid. DC wouldn’t be bad if you want to use it, idk how you feel about the dino in particular.
If you’re facing more stun capable dinos, Para is now immune to stun and can dish it back. Useful for setting up the next dino.

I know it’s a whole other talking point but I made a decision to drop the rat a few weeks ago (no regrets… mostly).
Para seems to be the new Sinoceratops. I might give her a run and see how she works out. I’ve tried Trago a few times and done poorly with her but the was pre-update so could be worth a revisit.
I really love this game but this is the most frustrated I’ve felt with it hopefully i can find my mojo (and a little luck) and start climbing the ladder again!

Good luck to you.