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All Supply Drops and Dinos Disappeared

All Supply Drops and Dinos have disappeared from my map. I tried restarting the app and restarting the phone. The roads and building are still there and everything else works. No joy. Android 10 App Ver 1.9.30

Hey Colin_Warwick, could you try the troubleshooting steps from our FAQ here and see if it helps:

If you’re still having issues after trying those steps, reach out to our support team here at with a screenshot of your in-game map and your location information so our team can take a closer look. Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well.


I corrected it by uninstalling and reinstalling the application, I have it linked to Facebook just take that data into account

In the case of Android phones, you could have resolved this by touching and holding the icon lightly until you get the choice of “Clear Cache”. By selecting “Clear Cache”, you get rid of all the bogus map data that is hogging all the app memory.

Apple iPhone users have no way to clear cache and/or game data, so they must uninstall and re-install the app every time they have this issue. I see this about once per week, and it has been a problem for at least four months.

I think it has to do with having the app open while driving, as I see the problem more frequently if I am driving with the app open more frequently. Perhaps highway speeds prevent the proper clearing of map data, and this eventually fills the cache or game data memory with old junk that never gets deleted.

I’ve suggested to support that any maps that exceed a certain “age” get deleted and refreshed, but heard nothing back on that idea. Perhaps their map data doesn’t have a timestamp. At the very minimum, they could clear the whole cache automatically once it gets to a certain percentage of "“full”. I can’t begin to guess why this has been an issue for as long as it has.

Thanks, Ned and everyone. Clear cache works. I think it may have become corrupted because I traveled to California and back. Google Maps thought I was still in California!

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I’m happy to hear that. :blush: