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All the glitches this game has yet to fix!


This game is great. I love it to death. The models, animations and gameplay are fantastic. However, there are so many stupid, annoying, and sometimes downright game-breaking glitches. Let’s do this together people! Name your favourites.


When dilonarosaurus stuning you whit skills who dont stun and kill your stegodeus and then run is so fun, got stuned 3 tines in a row by a stufu dilonaro a lot of times


When passenger and VIP screens come up at similar time & block each others buttons due to z layer screwup. This means cannot hit buttons to get out of the screens, so have to restart the app. On bus a lot, so lots of passenger pop ups as it does it on speedup after every single stop, so that means I get this bug a lot


I agree with the “I’m a passenger” thing. Why is there not an option to tick a box saying “I am a passenger for the next 30 minutes” or something similar I have lost rare and epic dinos due to that damned thing popping up at the worst time.


“Daily coin limit reached” after fighting is still there. It’s hard for me to win battles as it is, so seeing that after only getting around 1k coins is really annoying.


This just happened. Inviaible opponent! Closed the game and reopened it only to have won? Okay.


Your trophy score doesn’t update in the friends list



This happens to be rather frequently, except I never win.


Aaww :poop:. I’m sorry to hear that.