All the HYBRIDS!

Ok, so this is gonna be a hybrid making competition here. Anyone can participate. MAX 100 hybrids are allowed and each person can post up to 5 hybrids each. You can create any creature from Rare to Unique.
So the rules are:

  1. You should give some info on your creature.
  2. Max attack can be 2500, Max health 7000, Max Crit 50, Max Armor 65
  3. This post will be closed after the first hundred hybrids are posted, and I will reveal the winner in another post.
    So, go forward, create your big baddie, and

The link to the hybrid creating website:
JWA Toolbox

First up: Carnoraptor. a truly cunning predator, this thing also a has a couple crafty fierce moves up his sleeve. Then, we make the fierce shine more by adding allosaurus gen 2 to the mix to create Alloraptaurus, a strong tank that is a good counter to everything.

Erlikophorus is an interesting mix. Let the cunning take the field and then get out with its swap out move, and furthermore guarantee survival with its resistances.

Monolocanthos. look upon its beauty and weep. this creature may be a fierce and cunning creature, but look out for it in raids with the group cleansing impact. positive effects and high damage stand no chance to its special rampage. nothing can stop this. BEWARE: HIGH RISK OF DANGER! PET AT YOUR OWN RISK!

last we have a well balanced wild card. it doesn’t lean more one side or another. its counter and rending takedown make it fierce, its resilience is shown through its strike and its group shield, and its cunning through its pounce and resistances.



I would say that tyrannolophominus rex is the most powerful, probably what the jurassic world indy would be like in the game

Tyrannolophominus Rex:
max attack boosts is 3,099 at level 30
max speed boosts is 148
max hp boosts is 7,931 at level 30

max attack boosts is 2,096 at level 30
max hp boosts is 7,110 at level 30
max speed boosts is 162

max attack boosts is 2,917 at level 30
max hp boosts is 8,423 at level 30
max speed boosts is 144

max attack boosts is 2,552 at level 30
max hp boosts is 6,290 at level 30
max speed boosts is 170

Blue Jr.
max attack boosts is 2,917 at level 30
max hp boostd is 5,469 at level 30
max speed boosts is 168

They are a little op so idk


Here’s mine!


how do you win?

I’m new to and this is my creature


I gotta admit that’s impressive work.

Ooohhh … it sounds interesting. A Tachyphonius.

Ohhh Ultimasaurus, a creature that has been a nightmare for lots and inspiration for some too. I like how you represented it as a killing tank like Mortem Rex. Mortem Rex BEWARE! A new creature is on the move!

Tyrannolophomimus Rex, huh? Upgraded version of the Indominus. I’d bet Dr Wu racked his brains on creating this one! Perfect speed I’d say. Well, Eli Mills would probably say it a MORE VICIOUS AND BRUTAL VERSION OF WEAPONIZED TANKS!!

Diplosarchtator, a hybrid of the Diplovenator and Andrewsarchus. Might look ugly, but it was created as if a regular Diplovenator was not bad enough…

Blue Jr, Blue’s Lil’ brother. Don’t ever touch it, will you? IT BITES!!!

Erlikolasmus, Brontolasmus is fine, and Erlikogamma is fine too, but when you mix them together it’s beastly!

Ceradont, a rare. A herbivore and a Cenozoic makes a … highly armoured health tank. Only uniques and legendaries were thought to have double rampages…

haha lol, i like making op dinos, its fun making creatures, especially hybrids i also made a phrominus rex which is a combination of phorusaura and indom g2.
This doesn’t count as one of my 5 tho.

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Translated from Spanish

  • i’m new to this and this is a creature*

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descarga (27)

it’s dangerous, but using a wound or a fierce will be your downfall. tryostrionyx is your direct counter (R + RtC + FR) or Edaphocevia (RR+DSR)


I made the exact same concept a long time ago! :laughing:



health: 4000
damage: 1500
speed: 110
armor: 30%
critical: 20%

definite strike, attack (1500)
mutual fury
armor definite rampage attack (3000)
cloak/immobilize priority. Target fastest : stun chance 100%. Target is spaw prevented for 2 turns, gain 75% chance, to dodge 66,7% of damage until attack performed (max 2 turns) next attack deal 2x damage
rending counter (passive)


damage over time: 100% distraction: 50%
speed decrease: 100% stun: 67,7%
vulnerable: 50%

I just need someone to edit it as a photo, thanks

Grypodominus is the king of crocodiles, his camouflage, in a swamp setting, make him a true stealthy king

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