All the park dinos


You as the game makers if you going to have park dinosaurs make them more than 3 attempts you makes it unfair when not all of us have good aims. I can see why most I know what play your game. Please make more than 3 attempts or I’m not making this game a 5 star app.


Unfortunately some people use a trick/cheat/exploit as well to continue having as many goes as they like until they’re happy with their attempt.

I haven’t used it yet but think it’s unfair on the people who don’t know about it or do it.


I got so mad cause somebody was bragging about how they did that to collect blue


See that is the problem when you got people hacking the game it not only takes the fun out of the game. But it makes those who don’t cheat or hack makes it hard for others to enjoy the game jw alive is like pokemon go no matter the fun hunting them but it’s the cheating that others should not deal with.


I have to totally agree


You do realize that’s the point right? You have limited attempts because DNA is precious. Park events are literally freebies. If you can’t get enough DNA then work on leveling up. Every level gained is more DNA per dart.