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All the possible combinations of alliance rewards


I looked at the datamine again today and looking at the table metahub has I noticed there are no groups that include ourano and darwin. Darwin I can kinda get being a park spawn … but anky has a group. And pyro is a reward for three of them. Im sure at some point more will be added. Just kinda wierd alot of top components epics got two groups even erlik.


Mono and koola got each 3 too…hope darwin gets at least more appeeances between the featured creatures


Yeah its not like 3 pyro events are a bad thing. Espec that one thst give pyro and irritator… thats sweet event. Variety is nice though to… most of the local epics have multiple events or atleast one. Ourano has none until they add more mission but its gonna take a while to run through that list.