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All the problems you notice in 2.0

Hi there,i would discuss about every problems you saw on the game actually :slight_smile:
Maybe you are an end game player as i do,and you will have some opinions about what wrong with the current meta!
Even if you have a beginner or an average player,you are welcome and you can give your point of view about your arena.

I will start with:

1- The dodge/evasion became useless

With the upcoming of tons of resilients ability and with the keeping of precises abilities (+ the aditionnal precise on superiority strike)
Dodge become completly irrelevant,even useless.
There is only 3 way to avoid damage in the game :distraction,evasion and shield:
This ability destroy 2 of 3 making it completly broken and by giving it to over 60 creatures,making no sense to use a dodger.
I will finish by the mythical “evasive stance” which only grant 50% chance to dodge 66% damage…
I am the only one who is chock just by doing some basics maths to understand how bad this ability is?
I would prefer it to get removed.

2-Dino becoming jacks of all trades

Yeah everyone talk about them but since nothing is done ,i won’t stop until they get the nerf they deserve.

Tryko : good hp,nice dmg,a slowing counter attack (which destroy evasion but we already saw this one was useless),armor,crit,ability to break shields,break evasion,to cleanse distraction ,speed control…
The past tryko used to be more balanced than the current monster we have.
Before,distraction or evasion were the nemesis of this monster which now fear nothing (well boosted,he rape a magna turn 1)except bleeders (which will probably die) and ardentismaxima

Ardentismaxima: The best hp of the game (You will see some over 10k hp),good damage(1580 unboosted lvl 30),immunity to almost everything (except bleed),armor ,crit,2 rampage move (Which can lead to over 8k damage in 2 turn),a resilient strike (just to be sure evasion keep being useless)How to beat it ?bleeder (which will probably die) or tryko :slight_smile:

Dracoceratops:Huge hp (5100 lvl 30),1820dmg lvl 30,115 speed ,a swap in savagery ,can pierce through shield ,can’t be lock and a cleanse if you distract or bleed it…no comment,he is even better than dracoceratosaurus.It is funny,because its almost the only one which can’t do something against evasion

Maybe some others should be include here aswell,we should always have a way to defeat a dino and for those both,even bleeders are not able to do the job without dying.
How to fix them?
For tryko,just give him his last kit,he was balance.
For ardentis:either reduce his damage and stats to something poor,either remove his DSR to taunting impact or something which don’t pierce armor or shield.

3-The shields:instant invincibility and long protection

Since 2.0 a turn of a dino start when he do an action and finish before he start his next action.
Which lead to a new problem:Those instant shields protect 2 attack instead of 1,making irrelevant anything which can’t break them.
For the long protection,the problem is the same,you can protect 3 attacks instead of 2 before.
(I won’t point of course tryko and ardentis have it,at this point,its clear)


I add the stun is practically useless, although it wins a turn in the case of those that generate extra damage, but in most it does not stun the opponent.


Biggest problem: what exactly changed?

Same arena. Same timers. Same jerks. Same whining over OP creatures.

Raids are buggy. DNA from raids is extremely RNG.

Its the same game as before but with Raids. Bugs more. Anger more.


yup,forgot this one…

  • almost everything is immune to stun end stages.

For the raids,they announce it will be fix
Yup,totally agree for arena,still a pain,and worst,I have never the “fight AI” button


The main problem about 2.0 :
There’s no Giganotosaurus


Also how DC is a problem ?
Sure it got a HP buff but it loose his regen ability and it’s really annoying for a swapper

Also even if it had shattering moves it’s still get countered by tanks like Therium or DIO

Also not all Jack of all trades are too strong, Tarkus was mentioned in the patch notes as a Jack of all trades and it’s not as OP as Tryko or Maxima, it even needs a buff I think

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I love the Tarkus.


Well I’m happy to see it’s still doing great in this update

I think my problem with Ludia, is I no longer have faith in them to give a end game dinosaur worth investing in, that they won’t nerf.
The top 4 dinosaurs before the update were nerfed out of competitive existence. Geminiititan, Mammotherium, Entelomoth, and Indoraptor Gen 2. All of these required exclusive DNA to build.
Other dinosaurs were nerfed, just to make room for a replacement that fits the same role.
Monostegotops was nerfed so Monolorhino (which now requires exclusive DNA) would be the obvious replacement.
Dsungia was nerfed out competitive existence and it required exclusive DNA.
People paid money to accelerate growth to get these dinosaurs, by the time they got them, they don’t get to enjoy them, because they were brutally nerfed. It feels like Ludia is deliberately trying to milk money, and not create a game for the long term with a trust worthy product… Short term cash grabs seem to be the true goal.


???.. the heck

Well… they left Tryko and Ardent alone. Both have been viable and semi-dominant since 1.6 and 1.9 respectively.

The issue with Ludia is the lack of actual idea what to do. What the real issues are versus what their feedback mechanism tells them.

What? It’s just a cow.

I agree with the resilient moves being a problem, too many dinos have It and almost all slowing moves are precise. That shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t help that Evasive stance was very unnecessarily nerfed too.
About the Jack of all trades thing, that’s not exactly the problem, as there are jack of all trades dinos that are balanced or even weak.
Tryko and Maxima are indeed the most OP dinos of this update, but i don’t know why you included DC, It isn’t OP, it’s annoying at most. Overall it’s just a decent dino.

Previous Tryko may have been balance, but i don’t think returning to that will necessarily be the best option, the meta has changed. The resilient counter is an interesting signature ability, It could stay without making Tryko OP. The thing that needs to change as you pointed out yourself, is the ability to cleanse distraction. Tryko shouldn’t be able to do that. A simple solution is replacing resilient impact for slowing impact, that way Tryko keeps it’s new resilient and fierce role but can be distracted. And then give back it’s 4500 HP as a trade off. That would be fair.

In case of Maxima, it’s really simple. It has 2 rampages and too much damage for a tank. Replace group decelerating rampage for impact and reduce it’s damage to 1100-1150 and the HP to 5700. Reduce crit to 20%. Chompers can now beat It consistenly. One thing i’ll never agree on is removing DSR (it’s taunting DSR but i won’t be saying that every time). While you could change it, DSR isn’t the problem, and imo It must stay. It’s parents have shattering abilities and honestly, Maxima with no DSR is no Maxima to me. Besides, i think my rework would be more than enough to balance it without removing it’s best move. Another thing i feel is necessary is make all the bleeders 100% resistant to deceleration(along with other specific changes). Some already are, but this simple change would make them the best Tryko and Maxima counters(and all tanks in general) and give us more options than just Thyla to use on our team.

I get a kick out of the players that downplay the issues many have with the update. The biggest problem I see is of course Resilient moves, and boosts remain a ridiculous pay to win scheme, of course now everyone dumps it all into Ardontismaximas HP. I could almost live with the update had Erlikospyx not lost lethal wound. And don’t get me started on the Speed Decrease Resistances lmao, what a joke that system is.