All the things JWA needs to be a better game and experience

  1. Boost reset

  2. Creature balancing to the following:

Hadros lux

  1. Remove the stun on swap in stunning strike

Why remove swap stun?


Monolorhino and compsocaulus are fine and why remove the stun on swap in stunning strike when most of the meta creatures are immune/ highly resistant anyway?

What this game really needs is to fix pvp since it’s what the whole game revolves around.

The matching system needs to be fixed since right now it’s only fair for the top players who already have the strongest teams; while the lower level players get destroyed by droppers (especially in aviary). The matching system should be changed to the average level of the players team instead of trophy count.

We need Ludia to LISTEN MORE. I really doubt creature markers were the top voted feature and there’s no reason for us not to have a boost reset.

We also need arenas so to spread out players more. As it is now arenas Fallen kingdom - Lockwood estate are relatively fair are you’re fighting people on your level (except for the occasional dropper though they usually don’t drop that low). Arenas Gyrosphere depot and Nublar shores are also decently fair since everyone up there usually has level 30 highly boosted teams and you would need to be that strong to be up there. The problem is with Aviary and Lockwood library the higher level players spilling down and fighting the lower level players resulting in the 2 most frustrating arenas in the game.

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