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All these coins!

I am consistently maxed on my coins. I trade them as much as I can and my food production is always to the limit but I can’t move them fast enough. What are some strategies you use to make sure the coins coming in don’t go to waste?


First of all, welcome to the forums @bhesquire !

You could start by Custom Trading for them, they can give you dinosaurs, even hybrids


It your prepared to grind PvP then modded PvP is a great way to get rid of coins, sometimes if I’m at max and feeling lazy I pay 250db for the extra CT per day and get rid of my excess of coin this way.


At a certain point, you just become free from any constraint on coins as a resource.

Now, I just left my Dino’s max out on coins. I collect from 30min to 2 hour first than the longest running ones in the morning to 12/8 hour ones later.

For that modded tournament I was able to buy tons of rare mods at 10million a piece and still do 3 coin to Dino custom trades and anything else needing coins. I still didn’t run out.

With the amount of coins you’ll eventually have, you’ll never run out.

Also make sure to build lots of apatosaurus fossils and keep them in you market for good food, dna and dB offers. This use some coins too.