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All Together (Non-hybrids)

I tried my best to fit them together in the picture so in some places it may look a little funky and also, the sauropods are not fully included in the picture b’cuz they are too large.
-1 square = 1 meter
-Sizes are not that accurate to real life, but its kinda hard to tell when they stand in different positions so…¯_(ツ)_/¯
-Human: 1.8m tall
I may do the hybrid and super-hybrid version of this in the future.

and please dont ask how there is a mountain of dinos in the center.


Maybe do a series rather than all in one? That way it could be less cluttered but it is a very ambitious project and for that I like this.


Awesome! Darwin is really tiny, lol.

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Can we include a not to scale here?

Otherwise the galli is like twice the size of the rex