All you indos, check me out!


After she grow up a bit… you will regret for standing in her way :angry:


Bump her up to 19 and she can tank just about anything.


Will do. That bloody history with the indo is nothing but motivation.:triumph:


with a critical hit, my indoraptor will 1-shot kill up to a level 24 monostegotops, so… yeah


So youve played people who used monostego and didnt remove your cloak? Because otherwise even with a crit a lvl 20 Irex doesnt even take half my Monos health


Crit plays a part with most indos but mono is the best to use cause of its speed and bulk. If you prefer and use evasive stands or cloak on your first turn then it won’t work out for you when facing a mono player.


Just rack up on some dna to bump her and she will be a great assest to your team.


She’s currently 19 now, but I am afraid she’s gonna stay there for awhile… no monopholosaurus volunteering anymore😥


Don’t worry when you get the opportunity to get more dna you will keep her about level 20 cause she wrecks in pvp and you gave me motivation to power mines up as well