All you needed to do to the Raptor


Was put pounce on a 1 move delay. That would fix literally everything with it, and stop from people constantly switching them out and then switching back to them for the instant pounce. Real easy.

Stop Crying about Raptors

And…now they designed lots of raptor-counter moves.
Also nerf raptor themselves.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Seems not easy. (for those raptors)


Pyroraptor is still a force to be recon with! I just took out an indominus and indraptor with mine! I was completely shocked! I took out indominus and he swapped for indoraptor( first time facing one) and 2 moves and it was gone and I won!

I have indominus but removed her from my lineup once I level her from 17 to 20 and up I may bring her back!

Without more health or guaranteed cloak she is too vulnerable


The biggest issue for many players in the game is they relied on raptors and indominus and many other legendary like a crutch!

I spent more of my time building up my stegoceratops and Einosuchus because in higher levels they can survive longer with the armor than allot of other dinosaurs

But if the stun fails I’m dead :dizzy_face: but that is how it goes

Many times my stun fails and the opponent stun works!

Sure it pisses me off when my opponent gets 3 or even four shots on me but I am sure when it is reversed my opponent is pissed at me and right away will call cheating!

I try and accept loss as well as celebrate wins!

I still need to work on my anger issues :joy::joy::joy:

But now with the friends play I am getting better

It’s great to battle with nothing to lose


There was absolutely no reason to change raptors at all. There were more than enough counters for them.


Wait, you want to give Pounce delay? So if you put in Raptor, he has to wait 1 turn before he can use Pounce? Well, he would be dead before Pounce is ready. THAT would totally destroy all Raptors.

And if you mean longer cooldown after using Pounce … well, you could still do the swapping game because it resets all cooldowns back to normal and he could immediately Pounce again after swapping.


Simple answer could have been that Pounce activates lockdown on the raptor itself so that the raptor cannot pounce and then run instantly. It has to stick around for at least one full strength strike from the opponent.

Doesnt matter though. I like the new setup. It is lots of fun to use a variety of dinos to kill raptors and beat people whose only strategy is to stack their team with nothing but raptors.


As far as I know, the Raptor itself was not nerfed.
It’s exactly the same as it was before.


V-raptor lost 2 levels of damage directly but nothing else so if your raptor was 20 it now has the same damage at if it was 18. It was a very subtle but noticeable change… really caught me off guard when I was 7 damage from killing my opponent for the win…
Original screen shot:

New screen shot:

And this is with upping his level by 1 to get back some of the damage.


Did it?
Could have sworn the update notes said Raptor was unchanged.
Maybe I misread.

Edit: This question has already been answered. I don’t need half a dozen people telling me I missed it in the update. Thanks.


Just posted screen shots


Almost every dinosaur lost ATK and gained some HP instead. General balancing, no special Raptor nerf.


They are often easily shut down with dino’s that reduce speed as the first attack, 8/10 the next strike will finish it off. Get some long necks & a stego & GG.


Velociraptor is a common, it should be treated as one. The Raptors that are rare/epic/legendary could still have a regular pounce, but not a common. If they want to keep the Velociraptor unchanged. Simply put it in a different tier and make them more rare to find.



She was nerfed in stats. Less damage now. However even if she wasn’t nerfed - buffing everything other than a raptor is almost the same as nerfing the raptor. Which isn’t bad on itself, raptor needed a nerf. The problem is that buffing tanks SO much has unbalanced the game even more, I believe.