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Alliance accepting new members!

“Indominous Nerds” accepting new active members. Just cleared out a bunch of inactive members. Close to rank 4 incubator every week.

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Just a little forewarning, I have accepted once on a Sunday and they collected and left on Monday. May want to wait until after rewards to avoid jumpers. Good luck!

i and 2 other people want to change alliances, we seem to be the only active players and between the 3 of us are the only ones getting the incubators for the whole alliance. or at least doing the vast majority were only our names show on every single task. the daily incubators keep holding us up because the other 25 members don’t seem to be playing. we are between 2.8k-3.8k trophies.

Search for Indominous Nerds and come on over!

should i friend the leader, or can i just leave my alliance and jump in your’s without the invite?

never moved alliance before

Yeah do friend request first

alright i just friended leader… i friended top 3 just to be safe lol

Actually I think maybe you leave your alliance and then can request to join another… I’m not sure!

Good call @Kodiakhunter1 thanks for the heads up

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ill wait for the weekly reset and try to get my crew to join your alliance tomorrow if that sounds good? also no one has accepted my friend request yet.

I think you’ll have to quit your alliance and there is a join alliance request like the friend request. I don’t personally know the leader but I told him to expect you and he should accept your request.

okay ill try requesting to join tomorrow

just requested to join

Cool! I’ll bug the leader if he hasn’t already accepted

Hi, I just start playing again and i’m Looking for an alliance. I join one today but it seems to be almost dead already.

Awesome doom. Search for “Indominous Nerds” and request to join. You need to have at least one Legendary or else the leader will not accept you :frowning:

I don’t have a legendary yet …

Get one and then come on over