Alliance activity

I would like a feature that tells me how active a alliance member is. Like when the person last logged in to the game.

Is there a nother way to find out except to ask in the chat?

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We’ve been asking for this for a while now. Hopefully it is on the books to be implemented.

Ludia has made it next to impossible to tell when a member is active. I used to track trophy variations, but now that Ludia has made it so that only the highest score counts (great for rewards and keeping people playing arena, terrible for tracking purposes), I have to resort to other methods.

I basically have to check every sanctuary, check DNA requests, check trophy variation for those on lucky winning streak, see if players have tournament dino teams, etc. The amount of leg work is staggering. A simple “last online” would be a godsend. As would expanding the “top contributor” badge to include something like the top 5 or even 10.

The fact that so many other games make it easy to tell when players are active and Ludia almost seem like they’re going out of their way to make it difficult is unacceptable. And it’s been that way for MONTHS.