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Alliance ad

Hi there it’s me, having not been here for long I have started my own alliance that seems like a rip off of Beaver and Pals is Jamasaurus and Friends and we are looking for recruitments

Where is the skip button?

Hallo! How many members are in your alliance? Or, other way to ask: are you and other guys of your alliance searching for an active alliance?
I created our alliance about 5, 6 weeks ago; first of time was hard to find new members. But since few days we are realy growing up fast and become new members every day. With now, we are 41. So, there would be still place for 9 other motivated players!
So… if you are interessted: big welcome :slight_smile:


I’m a very active and top member in my original alliance I’m in currently, they have a lot of inactive members though so I’m shopping for myself and my girlfriend for a new alliance. I’m currently 4565 trophies/Level 17, username is Kavid