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Alliance administration

Can ludia administration look into the following issue with alliances.
With the current lack of administration tools for alliance leaders, it is a mammoth task to maintain a successful alliance. A few simple tools made available to all alliance leaders would make their decision making process a lot more productive.
Basic information should include:
Player activity,
Player trophy count
Last logged on

Plus it should be only the alliance leaders to allow invited player into their alliance. Currently any member can invite and upon acceptance a random player turns up in the alliance.
This makes running an alliance impossible to run.
Please can ludia admin pass this request on to the required bosses.
It would be a great help to all alliance leaders out there.

Thank you.


We’ve asked many times, I wish you good luck fellow believer.

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Martinb: it is only the alliance leaders that can invite new players into an alliance not normal members anymore it caused way too many hiccups / disagreements between alliance members when it was possible to do so ( any player inviting a new member ) so that function was removed to allow alliance leaders only to invite new members / players :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi. Thanks for your response.
If that is the case, there must be a problem as in my alliance my own members have told me via the chat pages that if they invite someone and that person accepts, they are included into the alliance.
I asked the question of my members as I was getting rouge players turn up in my alliance.


Anyone can invite. Only leaders can accept thru the search. And there isnt anything wrong with this. Due to so many other bugs it’s nice for others to be able to invite. Our leader is halfway across the world. I was able to recruit several great members when they prob couldn’t. As a leader if someone invites someone you dont want you can always remove them.

And for tools, something for leaders would be great but I think everyone should have access to it. Even a webpage that you can look up player info. Being able to click on a mission and see everyone that contributed would be great. You can do it for DNA received

I would be content with a weekly summary in our inbox’s. It could even be sent to everyone. Decending from most productive to least by player. No need to rework the entire system.

Nice idea. But then leaders would not be needed, if everyone had access.

Yeah but it can also let others see how they are doing. Maybe some are thinking they are doing enough. Or maybe they get booted but they are active they can use this to show in recruiting what they’ve done.

Leaders are still the only ones that can accept thru the search menu, change alliance name and description, and boot players

I am a leader and always have a waiting list for our alliance , I do not like other members inviting others as it is not fair on those who are waiting to get in .
I also will not let in newbies until we have collected rewards for alliance missions. So when I see new people coming in from other members I kick them until we start fresh missions. I do my best to keep this fair for all as our alliance is so active . I wish I had more tools so then I do not make a mistake and kick a good gamer.
I do my best with what I can use to keep my alliance at its best.