Alliance Advertisements

Throw an advertisement in!
Whether you are looking for an alliance or just want to stick an advertisement somewhere, this is the thread for you! (No guarantees)
(But first you should check out BuffOrNothin)

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I’d definitely check out BuffOrNothin😉

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Come to the legion of ThunderTurkeys!
We’ll rule the world together!

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I can’t stop watching that gif of an angry turkey.

It wants you to join us. (:<

United Nations
For gaining coins :wink:


Strong serious players only

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Is that one of those creatures from the Dark Crystal Movie!!???

Working on getting the coin built up to set up “Murderbirds United”. Send me a private message if you’re interested.

Join CZech Elite aliance!

Cookie Squad accepts new members! Come and join our dark side :sunglasses:

would like to join. Level 18, 4579 trophies; my alliance lost enthusiasm totally and is almost dead after just two days…

Looking for an alliance. I left my current one due to lack of activity: chat is almost always dead, 1-2 people online at most, lots of low level players. I am a very active player, started playing on September 30th and I was pushing myself pretty hard to eliminate the gap between me and players who played since the early days of this game. My ranking is 4638, but i am mainly focusing on getting my incubators and if needed can push to 4900-5000
If my team meets your requirements and you are an active alliance, i would be happy to join.

All American Dino Slayers. I play daily I’m about to tick level 16 and sit at around 3800 trophies. I just created the alliance a minute ago and I am the only member but if you want in let me know.

IdoChampions new alliance. I am in the 196 position and I am certain that alliances were not made only for trading. You need to be in an alliances that will count victories in the new tournament. Come join if you are a players with 4.500 trophies and more.