Alliance Advertising List (Only Show Active Alliances)

Please make it so every alliance leader needs to activate an “Advertise My Alliance” button once a week for their alliance to show to new and old players.

Requests to join my alliance has dropped through 1.7 and now get maybe one person in a week requesting here in 1.8.

My assumption is there are both more alliances out there AND there may also be dead alliances where no one is playing in them that are being listed.

I’m sure by now there are multitudes of dead alliances where many started their own personal alliance and no longer play this game any more. These alliances should not be on the list of alliances for new and old members to see. People should only be able to see and request to join only active alliances and a simple button to advertise their alliance would ensure inactive or dead alliances don’t show.

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Fill up the alliance.

I receive a lot of requests per day at one point there were over 13 requests and I’m online 10+ times a day . Crazy how many requests are sent but I’m pretty selective.

I think your requests may be based on if your alliance is shown. I know with 50 members we don’t see many.

We are seeking 2 members for Top500 Alliance
5/4 and placed top40 in alliance rush way back months ago. Cause we rock​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal::rofl:

I’m probably on 10+ times a day also but part of that is sneak playing at my desk at work to get my daily stuff done.

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I just have classes so loads of time to play!! XD
But I’d probably do the same at work lol