Alliance Aid

Hi, me and my fiance are looking for a good alliance that is active in donations dailies pvp an raids

We are level 9 and level 10, I know we kinda low but we play every day we usually use a giga capsule once a day every day so if anyone has room for 2 let us know

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Are you and your fiance still looking for an alliance? If so, my alliance has space for 2. However, Discord activity is mandatory for us. Do you have Discord?

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Our name is ErikanHarley87#3372 add me, we are not too hip on discord

But we got it

Just to clarify, 1 of the spaces was filled up since then. Are you and your fiance sharing 1 account?

But yes will add you on Discord.

raptorshuffle has vacancy for both. Our friendly conditions is simple.-just being active regardless of level but inactive for 7 days then out you go . :slight_smile: Happy darting!!

Sent a friend request