Alliance battles? alliance vs alliance

This is what i first thought raids were gonna be, like fighting other alliances for rewards like idk. Dna? Coin? Maybe even bucks/incubators. it be kinda like raids but like everyone will pick their dino for the fight and may have another one as a back up and we fight in 4vs4 (maybe can be up to like 10-20 but idk if jwa can handle that much dinos on screen LOL) Anyways, if anyone has anymore ideas/suggestions. Leave them below.


That’s a good idea, but i doubt it will get implemented.
We do the same in tournaments, albeit indirectly.

Sorta yeah, though it be cool if this was a thingtho

I kind of wonder if there will be team battles in the future. There are some odd swap in and swap out moves that target highest hp or whatever - which is odd because swap in and out moves are only used in PVP and not raids (which is obviously one-on-one so no targeting highest dmg etc). The only thing I can figure is that Ludia has something planned for the future. Obviously this is pure speculation, but I cannot explain the logic (or lack there of) behind these moves.