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Alliance Bugs Feb 8th to Feb15th

Please report all alliance bugs here!


Alliance chat scrolling goes ape.


This morning it told me I need to join an alliance. Restarted–back in my alliance. :slight_smile:


One of the missions in Rank 2 is fire 10,000 darts which is too high for that rank


Please look into these items!

Outside alliance friendly counts for Partner Up for Individual/Solo Missions but does not count towards the Alliance Missions Partner Up and Defense Battles.

Friendly creatures defeat should count towards Attack Practice


When you have done a friendly battle and goes back into the alliance chat to thank your alliance member for the match you can write a message but it dont post.

And a lot of times when you try to chat you’re text dont get posted and you have to restart the game and typ your message again


The alliance mission incubators from the past week should have been given, but no one has yet received them. Would be great to receive these prizes at the same time that a new week of missions starts.


The devs know about this, it’s part of a bigger alliance bug they are trying to fix.

They are bundling the rewards to send out and are hoping to have that done by later today. To quote Jorge:


After a battle you have restart the app to chat. Otherwise when you press send your message doesnt appear.


Hi J.C our alliance hit lvl 4 n lvl3 incubator b4 everything was reset. And today we just received a lvl 1 incubator!? Is that that the correct compensation we should have? Where/how should we address this error?

I got kicked out my alliance…

But I’m leader :unamused: now I’m back in

Oh, and I forgot, sometimes the messages just scramble randomly and aren’t chronological

Upon opening the client and trying to donate to some DNA requests error messages saying the request cannot be completed pop up, A restart is required.

I don’t know if its connected somehow to the alliance system.But on daily missions i cannot achieve the daily incubator although i opened two of them.So no T-Rex for me

Unless you are skipping the arena for a day or two, you can only open one a day.

@StoneCutter i suppose you are answering to me.Yeah obviously i skipped 2-3 days of battling

Yeah. Not sure why it doesn’t link that I was responding to you. I hit the reply to your post button.

Sometimes when you donate the request changes position in the alliance menu which if I’m not paying attention I can easily donate DNA that I need by accident!


I’m starting to feel a little bad for the devs now. This is probably what they’re dealing with…


They need to seriously consider making their beta groups larger so they can be fully tested.

I for one would volunteer some time in the future to help them prevent such a disaster. And would have no problem with a Nda.

This was the big addition to 1.6 all the other changes were adding some dinos and some stat and skill swaps. A bug fix or two. And a ton of optimization problems

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