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Alliance Bugs Feb 8th to Feb15th


This is another bug they encountered, your alliance will be rewarded the proper lvl incubators when the rewards are sent out.

[News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)

This is pretty close to the truth :frowning:


It happens… they’ve got a lot on their plate.
And I can imagine making a GPS based app is far from easy.


Most alliance glitches where present and reported in 1.5 though! This what happens when you add to already bugged code!


J. C. Will the alliance rewards ever change creatures or is it going to stay the same?


Is it likely that a new app version will be released? Or are all these changes and fixes server side?


I honesly do not know, they are all trying to figure out the cause atm last update I got.


The rewards we received were rank 1 and rank 2 today. Our achieved rank for both of the incubators were maxed out. Are you saying devs are resending accurate rewards later? As of right now they sent the wrong ones to the whole alliance


They will send accurate ones later yes, they hope today but if a manual review is required it will take longer.


Thank you to yourself and the team for always having such quick and helpful responses.
If nothing else, please know that this is the reason Ludia is praised among other similar developers in my group of friends. Please continue to always communicate with us as much as possible!
It makes a massive difference!


Strike matches seem to restart mid battle, rewarding me with a loss.? As well as scent strike taking several days to reset.


This is unrelated to Alliances, though. At the moment, Ludia is trying to focus on one thing here.


Thanks J.C, understand this is a thankless job, still appreciate the quick response!


My brother is in the same alliance than me. I can see the new alliance missions for this week, but he can’t. He still sees the missions from the past week. He sees the Exploration with Rank 5 and Defense with Rank 4, but all the missions are showing with zeros.


When are we getting paid out for the challenges


Noone really knows, they hope today. But if the they have to give them out manually could ve longer


Since the 1.6

I’ve had two members who are active, I’ve seen online but are showing 0 trophies.

I also have members who when looking at their profile, from my friend list, it shows they aren’t in an alliance but when I check the alliance screen it shows they are still in the alliance.

Scrolling on the chat has gone crazy. Sometimes, I am unable to scroll up and read posts or donate.

There are other issues but these are the post 1.6 bugs I’ve noticed.


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Alliance missions don’t increase when completing the task.

Last week, once you captured a dino, you were able to collect for each reward for your alliance all over again, multiple levels. Wonder if anyone submitted that one?


First I hear of it.