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Alliance Bugs Feb 8th to Feb15th


Captured a dino? What do you mean?

You collect for each of the 5 missions when you complete them, then the ranked incubator at the end of the week.


After you hunt a dino and toss your darts at it, your alliance indicator on top right would show that you can collect the rewards again. For level 1 and all of level 2, minus the one that wasn’t yet complete. My co-worker noticed the same issue.


Adding a new tab up top for DNA REQUESTS might fix the ‘unable to scroll’ and ‘rubberbanding’ issues.

Would also effectively seperate chat from donations by sending all the chat to the current ‘My Alliamce’ tab and sending all the DNA requests to the new tab.


We came up to Rank 4 with our Alliance game, no rewards received yet, furthermore our chat is buggy since the beginning. Sometimes we cannot send messages unless we log in and out. Also several times a message cannot be sent due to saying they break the rules and terms of the game… What is vulgar about asking someone how is he or she, how far are they are in a mission or gaming? So basically normal topics, nothing harmfull. It became very annoying as well.

A last notice: many of us are not called on their username. At least 4-5 of us are called “Guest”, what is very annoying.

Instead of making millions of new things in updates, some very unneeded - the old mistakes and bugs should be fixed. Like this the game is not enjoyable and not to forget about the laggs, crush downs and so on.


I experienced it yesterday as well.

Support team challenge not recording stats

This one may be a bit beyond your current knowledge but I just thought I’d ask. Our alliance hit the rank 5 incubator and the rank 4 incubator and was only a few battles away from the rank 5 for both incubators when everything went nuts will we get both rank 5 or will we get the rank 5 in the rank 4. All things considered it isnt a big deal but we worked hard to get both to 5


That, unfortunately, is well outside my understanding or visibility. I know they are doing their best to be as accurate as possible so that people get the rewards they are owed.


I hope Ludia give you and your co-workers a bonus. What a job you have.


Still not had my alliance incubato from last weekr as promised and it’s 7.15 pm on Monday come on LUDIA.


Same problem her, keeps jumping to top of convo and tries to load previous messages. When I try to go back to the current messages at the bottom it jumps back to the top and loads old messages.


Todavía no. Hay gente que recibió recompensas, pero están mal. Dentro de las próximas 24 horas todos vamos a recibir las incubadoras del nivel siguiente al que estábamos antes del problema. Y además 200 cash.

Not yet. There are people who received rewards, but they are wrong. Within the next 24 hours we will all receive incubators of the next level that we were before the problem. And also 200 cash.


I got 200 cash. I want the DNA incubator that my alliance worked it’s ass off for last week


You will still get that. The hard cash is to thank everyone for being patient while they fix it.


it’s happening again ! Noticed it like 15 min ago …


Same here …


Same here. Hopefully they fix it again.


They said they were disabling it.


I have only received the defense incubator


That’s because they haven’t finished yet.


The defence incubator just arrived and alliance members are getting different amounts. I got 250 DNA, other’s got 500?? What is going on?