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Alliance Bugs Feb 8th to Feb15th



Hello my alliance was at tier 3 in both event alliance incubators and I only received one of them, the other one is still pending, is this OK or is there something wrong??


It’s fine. They’re still working on the other one. Honestly, I wanna thank you for asking it as a legitimate question instead of being mad about it.


Dear Ludia,

Since the beginning there are issues at the alliance chat. The user names are not published, often me or the other game mates get “GUEST” nickname. Several times messages are impossible to be sent, it needs a log out and log in to make it work. Often also completely normal messages get blocked and titled as red alert content what is very annoying.

Could you please work on these issues? It would help a lot.


My alliance is having issues, yesterday we were working on the missions and then it disappeared, is there something going on with them again?


This has been disabled until the devs can fix it.

See Jorge’s post here


Thank you for the quick responce


After the loss of my alliance I ended up creating my own alliance (giving 10,000 pieces of course) and this noon my old alliance reappears! : scream: suddenly a beautiful alliance divided into 2 … it’s not cool at all: cry


I am the leader of an alliance and whenever I go to alliance missions it shows nothing. My wife is a member and hers shows just fine. Please help! I feel like I’m missing out on contributing to my alliances incubator rank


Alliance missions are disabled. There shouldn’t be anything there for your wife.


Ya here went away shortly after that post. Thanks.

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My alliance chat actually disappeared and it shows me the “pick an alliance” section, but I know I’m still in the alliamce because I still get notifications every time someone asks for DNA… It’s highly obnoxious. I can’t send messages, request or donate DNA


When are the alliance missions coming back?


Well, I can tell you that they aren’t going to turn them back on this weekend and there will be an official update next Monday.

Beyond that, I have no idea on eta, etc.

The post from j.c.^^


I guess we should extend the dates in the title of the thread ?

(jK jK :sweat_smile:)


Still receiving DNA requests from two previous alliances. Its to a point there’s too many request spawning nonstop.