Alliance captains

Is there anything in the works to have some kind of alliance captains? Someone else who can help monitor things, kick, allow new members etc. But not be someone who’s able to kick the leader of course.


Good idea, I, also in the process of finding some “Officers” material within my alliance to help out.

Also would be nice to have a “Last Online” info on their profile so we can see who is active and who isn’t!


I like the last online idea! That would be really helpful.


The day alliance came out I was surprised such a basic feature as a last online info wasn’t included.

It would have been one of the first things as a dev I would have added.

That and more Leader abilities and tools!
It’s very very bare bones righ now!

Yup, but it’s fun and addicting. I’ve enjoyed watching the game grow. So hopefully the future will be bright.



We need tracking tools. :wink:

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I would be thrilled to have a “recent activity” feature for leaders. It would definitely help weed out inactives. As it is, checking trophy count every day is extraordinarily unreliable.

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When in doubt, kick em out lol.

If you get a rejoin request they were active and you made a mistake, if they don’t they were either inactive or weren’t dedicated enough to the alliance…either way no loss!

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