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Alliance championship incubator rewards by level

Anyone know how much more unique dna you get per level in the championship alliance incubator? I’m level 18 and getting 225 currently, at level 19 how much would that be?

19 is 238, 20 is 250

Oh ok,thank you for the info

No problem. I just remember my annoying times when I would get 238 dna

Yeah cause I’m thinking of going for ten rex but since at level 19 I’ll only get 238 so I’m gonna spend my gold on monolorhino

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I don’t like that. I feel if you put in the work you should receive the same as the level 20’s but anyways…don’t mind me

You can wait to level up before claiming the alliance championship reward. 4 weeks is more than enough to get to level 20 from level 18.

Easy to reach level 20 I just fused loads of the lower hybrids burnt all the dna and at the same time really fast levels

Do you have a list of all the amount of dna?you get per level? Thanks

From the tournament incubators