Alliance Championship Point System Explained

So, many people have been confused by how points of members are added to your total scores. At least on our Discord, there have been complains of glitches. Glitches that aren’t glitches. People have been complaining that the scores of new members aren’t shown or added to the total alliance score, and instead are displayed as a 0. This has happened to me as I just joined a new alliance using my second account, my score of 4000 something was shown as 0. I read some of the older patch notes and found out the reason for this. I’m just going to be explaining it on this thread.

Now, none of this is Ludia’s fault. All this was stated clearly in the patch notes but most people don’t bother reading the tournament changes. Now let’s start. Alliance points are the total number of cups you score in a tournament(including the starting bonus) and weather or not you managed to get 10 takedowns. The tourney points are added to your alliance total as you get a new high score, you need to do at least one battle for your score to be counted. This means that you can’t just accept your starting bonus and expect it to be added to your alliance total. If you leave an alliance in the mean time, all the points that were gained for the alliance will not be taken away but will stay with the alliance. If you join another alliance without getting another high score, your score will remain as a 0. If you do get a high score, say from 910 to 940. Only 30 points will be added, even though you have 940 points, 910 of them “belong” to your last alliance.
This is why new members usually have a 0 as their score.

If you were not a part of a alliance, and you get 940 cups, they will all be added to your new alliance’s total. Even points that you gained in previous tournaments will be added. What will not be added from the previous tournaments however, are the ten take down bonus. The bonus has to be claimed when you are in an alliance during the tournament.

Hope that explains all the questions you guys had about the championship point system. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I read the patch notes and that is not the glitch that most are complaining about. There are members of my alliance that were in the alliance prior to the start of a weekly tournament. They enter the tournament and do the 10 creature take down as required by the alliance. They then provide a screenshot showing there current medals/rank and that they are not only competing but sometimes in the top 500. They were members of the alliance the entire time from before the tournament started until long after it ends yet still show 0 as their contribution towards the alliance score. I’ve already reached out to ludia support who acknowledged the issue, but thank you for your help.