Alliance Championship - Pointless points!

First, Alliance Championship is a fun concept. Thanks for introducing that!

But the point rules are pointless. First 10 minutes you get a lot of points, and there’s not much more to gain from keep on battling throughout the weekend.

Top ranked alliances use lots of seconday accounts. That’s not against the rules, but is that the way it was meant to be?

@Ned you should:

  1. Value continued battling way more, and/or
  2. Set a limit on 50 accounts per alliance per tourney

Something happened in this tournament. In all tournaments so far, anyone who battled constantly increased their score. Not its classification but its score. Not in this tournament, many people have left the tournament after seeing that from the same Friday and despite constantly fighting their score does not increase, it is more in many mass decreases. I don’t know why, but the fact is evidence. Many people who had 800 points on Friday after more than 30 battles now have 700 and it is not normal. At the other extreme the opposite for a few. THE difference between the Top3 and the Top100 is almost 500 points and I do not remember that it ever happened, although perhaps it did.

The idea is good, but it will have to be improved in the future. At heart it is only the first tournament but it has been very disappointing.


Good points. Didn’t realize there was a legal way to cheat and you probably just opened Pandora’s box. I was wondering how the top alliances were able to accumulate such unbelievable point spread…

In fact, the current #1 alliance right now would need to have 50 players all with 1874+ points each (minus the 1000 bonus) in order to have their current total. Fact, they do NOT have any player on the leader board equivalent or higher than this score. It is blatantly obvious that they are taking advantage of this poorly configured system. Will Ludia do something about this? Otherwise, it will once again prove to be a disadvantage for the legit players with this ongoing tournament. :frowning:


they really should just lock alliances over the weekend. no adding or kicking. as good or awful someone is, over 3 days shouldn’t make a difference, add/kick them on monday.

But the #1 alliance’s top player has 1779 points. then +1000 for 10 creatures, so 2779. if their entire alliance had 2779 points (all ranked #29) they’d still be like 8,000 points away from their current total. so that’s a lot of points from “previous members” :joy:

and even doing this are only on pace for tier 6 rewards, not even 1/2 what you need to get to tier 10. that should tell you how unobtainable 1.25M is


There will be different limits and bonuses for the tourneys, and the last tourney gives double points. Top rewards may be possible.

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Alts are not even supposed to be allowed. Even if they were, swapping out players goes against the point of the tournament. There are a lot of ways to fix this issue though I don’t expect much of Ludia


How can one say people are cheating

1.) Ludia has said that alt accounts are indeed allowed. Therefore players having alt accounts and using them is cheat in what, way shape or form?

2.) Just because Ludia was too blind too see the potential problem that allowing more than 50 accounts registered does not mean you people have the right to discredit those that have taken the time of having alt accounts.

This is no way considered cheating. And if you guys are too blind to actually see that. Then that also proves an earlier point I made. Until they flat out say alt accounts are not allowed. Or they flat out strict only 50 accounts per tournament. You cant point the fingers at the players. Theres only one person to point the finger at and that should be obvious


I very much agree with both of @thomasinho two points. I was shocked when I saw alts counted. I just assumed Ludia would cap it if not at 50, perhaps 60 since alts are allowed in the game.

I also agree with @Temerity that I don’t see using alts as cheating at all since Ludia is well aware they exist, they created the past players category and they didn’t put in any cap or method to minimise the use of a lot of alts.

I love the concept of the alliance tournament, it has been a fun weekend but I do hope Ludia makes some adjustments here and caps the number of players an alliance can use over a weekend.

I am also friends with a lot of players in the top alliance and I know they also would prefer there were caps and more focus on the playing aspect of the tournament. I think most of the alliances in the top would support it. Including my own.


So, the “leaderboard” is useless? It’s no longer who has the best 50 players alliance, but who has the most alt account?


What!? alt accounts can be registered as the same alliance even there are already 50 member?

Notice the top alliances have a slot or 2 open. They just accept an alt, let it get the 10 knockout bonus, then kick it to allow another alt repeat the process. There is never more than 50 in the group at one time.


I agree that valuing continued battling much more would help, as it would lessen the “need” for cycling in alts. Right now if your score drops enough, you can spend literally hours trying to get back up over your high score to start earning points again. That whole time, you’re not earning any rewards for yourself or your alliance.

I don’t think that cycling in alts is cheating, but I think it should be prevented if possible. It shouldn’t be possible to get the good rewards only if you constantly add and kick new members. Perhaps it could be as simple as a member’s points are deducted from the alliance’s total if they leave the alliance during the championship.


ban them all. it is clearly a known exploit that these alliances are aware of and are intentionally using it. clear TOS violation.

we are all well aware this tournament isn’t supposed to be about who can cycle the most alternate accounts in and out of their alliance.


This is what I was saying in the championships thread, that this thing is VERY POORLY EXECUTED, you get the majority of points from joining and defeating 10 creatures… the rest of it is just scraps… how are you supposed to stay motivated to go on?? How about having those 10 creature defeated points every day?? The number of points you need to get is so ridiculously high, that there are no worries ANY alliance is going to make it to rank 10, so what would be the problem with that?? @Ludia_Developers, with all due respect, can’t you see how insane and ridiculous these conditions are??


A couple of the top alliances only have like 2-3 members in the top 500, yet they are higher up than alliances with almost 20 in the top 500, and a few in the top 20…

What is the point of all our hard work if people can just exploit points by making new accounts to collect entry bonuses?!


I posted this in another thread but it’s very relevant here. It’s important to note that the alliance Leaderboard doesn’t actually mean anything. Those top Alliances aren’t getting anything extra if they finish the Championship in “first”. I do agree that the points should be altered a bit though. Not only how points are obtained, but how many accounts can be registered for the tourney.

I think a better solution would just be to cap the number of players that can earn points per tourney. So 50 players can register points and then that’s it. The championship is a month long so I don’t think they should punish alliances that have members leave between Tournaments. So if a member leaves and they bring someone else on between tourneys, the new person should be able to contribute, but they shouldn’t lose the points from the former member. I think capping it at 50 members per Tournament is reasonable though.

If they do this, however, I think the overall points might also need to be adjusted unless they have some amazing participation bonuses planned.


exactly. when the exploit alliances add a new person they get like 1700+ points from each one, which means to keep up, a legit alliance needs to win 50+ straight games to break even with that.

they want to justify it, but i’m sure if you look at their discords they are laughing about it.


After the first entry and 10 takedowns, there really isn’t any incentive to continue battling. you can barely increase your high score after a string of losses. it is quicker and more efficient to add alt accounts to your alliance to get 1K points for a takedown, and the entry points for the arena. But doing so defeats the purpose of how this championship is supposed to be done and devalues the work of those playing legit. This is also going to screw everyone over for future championships if Ludia sees that alliances “can” reach those top rewards by following an exploit that they won’t do anything about.


It’s not an exploit when Ludia is well aware this would happen and didn’t create an easy solution to cap it (as @Piere87 just suggested and @thomasinho in his original post). I was in shock that they didn’t when I saw alts were counted. The onus for this situation needs to be on Ludia not properly creating a system that encourages quality over quantity. I mean they put in protections to ensure new accounts can’t just be created and jump right in (ie you have to been Badlands I think it is) so why not an overall cap?

Alt accounts are allowed in the game and help to support the community so banning folks from using their accounts isn’t the solution here. This is about Ludia making a mistake and hopefully correcting it moving forward. :crossed_fingers:


i would call it an exploit. if only because it is defeating the purpose of the championship. It may not be against the rules of the game to have alt accounts, but the way they are being used for the championship is not in the spirit of the competition. It was a mistake on Ludia’s part that this exploit is around, but it is up to the player wether or not they use it. And to use it this much to gain a huge advantage, is clear knowledge of it, and clear intent to use it.