Alliance Championship - Pointless points!

this is not an ethics debate about alt accounts. no one cares if people have them, it’s about using them in this tournament.

wow, so you had 200 more teams than everyone else and had more points, what an accomplishment. and using accounts like this is clearly not intended, which is basically the definition of exploit. really sad watching cheaters justify their cheating.


The alt accounts would need to have existed for a while though, since if your account is new, you have to reach a certain arena to participate.
I’m not sure which arena that is though, so I’m not sure how hard that would be.

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I’m wondering why somebody would not think it’s an exploit and why they think Ludia is ok with that. Currently, there’s some alliances that are taking new members, asking them to log and do a few fights in the tournament, then they kick them out! You (or Ludia) really think this is good for the game itself? You (or Ludia) really think some of those unaware players who are trying to join a more “active” alliance but get kicked all the time will want to keep playing for long? Nah, sorry, once again, it’s the 1000 monkeys writing Hamlet. Ludia cannot think of every hole those monkeys will discover, and this is an exploit.


Badlands. 2000 trophies. not super hard, but it would take some time.

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the only way to win this is to cycle the most number of alternate accounts through your alliance. there is no other way. now, if you sincerly believe that was ludia’s intention from the start, then it’s not cheating or an exploit. gonna guess the number of people who thought that is 0.

then again, if people are dumb enough to think they’re legit, they’re probably dumb enough to max boost 2+ accounts, so maybe it was ludia’s intention.

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That’s horrible!


Yep, the Leaderboard doesn’t mean anything, which is why those who think this is an exploit that was ok with Ludia are wrong. Why adding extra code for a useless leaderboard and risking adding new bugs for something which means nothing now.

And I would not say those top alliances aren’t getting anything extra… They are getting extra DNA by using an exploit. Some alliances currently pray on players who are currently seeking a better alliance than the one they are in now. They take them in, ask them to do a few fight in the tournament, then kick them out. Not too good for the game.


I can see how this could be viewed as an exploit.
I think I’ll pass on it until I see if it becomes a community accepted practice.
Did Ludia post anything about peoples concerns about it yet?

If they could change the way points are earned. Like a daily participation. The exploitation wouldn’t be necessary. I have no idea how they would stop it otherwise though. Yeah it’s poor sportsmanship for sure. It would be nice if all skill levels of players could earn something nice. Keep the game fun for everyone.


Did Ludia post anything about peoples concerns yet?

I legitimately laughed. Like, out loud.


I agree that it is an exploit. Alts being allowed to exist and alts being used as a method to accumulate points are very different things. But there isn’t really much they can do about it now. Resetting everyone will cause riots. I hope they cap it in the future, but is anyone actually holding out hope they’ll do that?

I’m in a top 10 alliance that DID NOT use alts, so the realization that alts were used finally cleared up the confusion of how we were being passed so quickly, and at such a drastic rate, despite getting a phenomenal start. I mean, some of these alliances were barely top 30 on Friday.


Ludia 100% did not intend on people using that “previous member” slot for people to rotate alts in and claim bonuses.

That is there in case you have a member leave the alliance or quit the game mid championship. It’s there as a way to not screw your whole alliance.

Maybe it’s not an exploit. Maybe it is.

  1. Don’t make the top tier so unachievable that people feel the need to find and exploit loopholes.

  2. This is an easy fix.

  3. It’s obvious as anything to see who is doing this.

  4. If you’re justifying why you did this then you know it’s wrong and are telling yourself it’s not.


I really think that Ludia should start to count points only from current alliance members.

Ban them all? How can you say with confidence that it’s an exploit. It was proven by ludia that ALT accounts are allowed Insde this game. So again I ask… how can you deam it cheating then?

You really think this hole could have not be thought of? It’s the most blatant hole possible. Size of the sun. So do you really think they could not think of this? (Its ludia) they dont think period. The problem is the execution not the players. And to say the players are at fault is simply being ignorant. Especially when alts have been deemed allowed inside the game.

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Theres an easy fix to this.

50 players. No more than 50 players gets any alliance points

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i think you miss the point. Having the alt account isn’t the issue. it is the continuous cycle through them in the alliance championship to gain 1500+ trophies at a time that is the exploit. Not loosing points from members leaving was to help alliances not get screwed over when someone left. because of that, an alliance can rotate through all their alt accounts without loss of points and rack up a lot of points fast, which is not in the spirit of the competition, nor was it intended, therefore it is an exploit. Exploiting things like that is against the TOS.

Do i think they need to be banned? not necessarily. Ludia can fix this pretty easily over a number of ways. What i think should happen tho is a decrease in the number of points to the alliances that performed the exploit. As well as a decrease in the overall points needed to reach each rank. As it stands, it doesn’t look like anyone can achieve max rank without using an exploit of some kind.

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Let it be so you can run more than 50+ accounts during a tournament, but Ludia only takes the top 50 scores from your alliance for scoring purposes.


Who’s to say it was not intended? They intentionally allowed us to combine sanctuaries with other alliances. Whos to say they arent intentionally allowing us to do the same with the leaderboards. Since the point system is so ridiculous. You know what they say about assuming. :upside_down_face:

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The first thing people did when alliances combined for a lvl 20 sanctuary was yell exploit. It’s the first thing anyone ever does anymore. Yell exploit, it’s a bit ridiculous if you ask me. If cycling alts wasnt intentional they wouldnt allow alts to begin with. It’s as simple as that