Alliance championship rewards

With the new reward formats with payouts based off of involvement and length of time with alliance… does anyone know how that will effect a new member who joins a within a week of the end of the championship?

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I think championship rewards as well as alliance mission rewards are based off of player level.

I’m not sure if someone who is not eligible for a tournament is still able to collect the teams rewards or not.


Thanks for responding

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I wasn’t aware that rewards would be any different for players based on how long they had been in the alliance.

This is somewhat worrying for me as I have to leave my alliance with my alt account when we build shared sanctuaries. Does this change affect the account that leaves and rejoins?

I would appreciate clarification on this please if possible.

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We’ve just had a level 20 player join our alliance who should be eligible to participate but apparently they are not …I’m pretty confused why they aren’t eligible to participate and so are they .

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I think we’re good. I went back and checked. There was something in a detainee that mentioned that the later actually had to be in the alliance at the time rewards were given out in order to actually receive them.

We also had a member who might be interested in joining prior and I wanted to make sure that they would not be effected, just as you mentioned.

Sorry for causing any undo stirring.

This i don’t know. I do know that if the player has done take downs with a previous alliance during an active tournament and then switched, the points scored remain with the old alliance.

We’ve also had a case where a member actually wasn’t able to score points even though they had not scored for a previous alliance. Emails were sent. The issue didn’t resolve itself until the following tournament. I don’t know if that was a glitch or by design. It hadn’t happened before. I know it’s not an answer but it’s the best I can think of regarding it.

@mods @Ned could you close this topic? That announcement concerning the subject has answered this completely.

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