Alliance Championship virtually impossible to get top reward

So looking at the alliance championship, I noticed it is still virtually impossible to get that top tier 10 alliance award during a 4 week setting, even though that has mentioned many times before, and for some reason that point total has not dropped, despite the obvious when it was mentioned 2 years ago.
To get that top award, you need 650,000 total points. That is 13,0000 points for each player on average. A 600,000 point total would be a 12K average. Each 50,000 drop is 1K average less per player.

To understand how far out of grasp that really is, only three alliances broke 550,000 points this tournament. No alliance broke 600,000 points although Apex Predators got close with 597K.
Roughly 20 alliances did break the 500,000 point total for the tier 9 awards. Usually, those alliances get the Tier 10 award in the 5 week tournament formats. The correct thing from my perspective would be to adjust the totals for 4 weeks to reflect a lower monthly total versus 5 week tournament formats. Maybe that can’t be done based on their programming, although, I really can’t imagine that. Just program the calendar with the appropriate IF statements.

It would at least make sense to lower the bar to 550,000 points for the Tier 10 award since three alliances did break 550,000 this time and usually a few alliances do break that total.
What’s the point of dangling a carrot, if you know you can never eat it?

Logic would say they should lower the carrot to at least 550,000 to get some alliances to really push for that 550K to get us to spend more.
For this apparent lack of awareness, over the past 2 years, I want to say thank you.

Why thank you? Because I am sure a dozen of those alliances, would vote to raise our minimum monthly requirements to try to ensure that we would get that 550,000 points.
This means our competitive juices would kick in and that means spending more money on our part for boosting and creature leveling, as well as spending even more time on the game trying to grind to a higher minimum.
I am actually a little stunned, since it feels like to me the game developers are always trying to maximize various metrics to get us to spend more.
The fact that they have missed on this one I want to say Thank you.


It would make much more sense for the AC to be a simple progression of 50,000 for each progression in my opinion.

Why is it 120,000 from 8 to 9?

Why is it 150,000 from 9 to 10?

Makes absolutely no sense at all.

When I ran Timmy What Is It, I believe the highest we reached was 596k. We wanted to hit T10 in a 4 week but it seemed impossible.

Ultimately what happens is that alliances seek top tourney players. The demands for the weekend championship become all consuming, but because they very top alliances have the players that love the grind they hit the giddy heights.

Others like us have a few players who love them and do really well, but the majority do their ten and leave it at that. We run the risk of losing the top tourney players to the more competitive alliances and the gap gets wider.

There are really only a handful of alliances who realistically can get ten top rewards every week. This is not right and as the op says nothing has been done to put this right.

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