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Alliance chat autocorrect problem

Since the new update, I’ve noticed that autocorrect doesn’t work in alliance chat. I didn’t realise how much I relied upon it until I used it to chat…It’s irritating putting apostrophes in manually, please fix Ludia…along with the billion other gripes people have.

This is something your device’s keyboard does for you, not the app. Maybe it changed keyboards? Check if you can switch.

Nope, it’s not something I can switch. I’ve got an iPhone 7, texts and every other app that uses a keyboard is still using autocorrect. It’s like they have purposefully disabled it…

Interesting! Can any iOS user confirm this?
The default keyboard on Android shows no changes.

It definitely worked before the update, it saved usernames for a start which was always helpful when referring to alliance members with complicated handles! For once, Android users aren’t the ones that are shafted!

iPhone 6 autocorrect removed from my chat also

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