Alliance chat buggy

Anyone else having issues with Alliance chat not working properly?

All day i’ve had issues where I couldn’t post a message, then when I tapped on donate it came up with an error and wouldn’t let me donate. I can’t remember the error now. Others in my alliance said they were having the same issues.

I went back into the game now, hours later and i cant see anything but 5 donation requests, no chat history or anything. Can’t tap on any of the donations nothing.

How can something break when there’s been no patch to break it?

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Hey there, @GPx, I’m sorry to hear that you have been experiencing this. Our team is aware of these issues and they are working on a solution, but they would appreciate any additional information that could be provided by players such as yourself. Reach out to them at, including your support key and any screenshots you might have. Thanks!

You can go to your Application Manager>JW Alive>Storage and clear the cache (NOT the game data) and it should fix the problem. Good luck!