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Alliance chat/dna issues

Is it just me or is it getting worse and worse? My requests disappear, cant write messages (have to reset all the time) and when I do reset I get messages from a day ago. Actually right now I cant even write or do anything.

This usually happens to me after a battle

I absolutely hate when I open the app in the morning for the first time and it has to go through all the requests that were made and/or filled the whole time the app was closed. I mean, seriously? A lot of them are from people who aren’t even in my alliance!

Just Ludia making us all beta testers, again.

We all go through this.

I put jn a request that went totally missing this night, I can do a new one without the other one collected.

it doesn’t make them money. i reported an issue with VIP not giving the benefits and it was fixed within the hour. yet, several aspects of this game have been absolute dumpster fires for months.

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