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Alliance Chat is a nightmare to use


I love the new changes to the Alliance, but the chat which was already a bit buggy has now see that significantly amplified with the new update. PLEASE, separate the DNA requests from the chat. 2 out of 3 times that I hit the donate button the chat will scroll me randomly upwards, sometimes the donate button greys out even though I can still donate more DNA, and trying to follow a conversation in the chat is a horrible with all the DNA requests that seem to randomly switch positions within the chat as you donate and scroll through.

Separating the DNA requests from the chat would in my mind solve this issue and make the alliance a much more pleasant experience :slight_smile:

Loving the new update, can’t wait for the small bugs to be worked out! Thanks for all your hard work Ludia!


I’m having trouble getting messages to actually post and most of the time I can’t give DNA because of errors.

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Yep alliance chat has been buggy since day 1 and this latest update has made it a lot worse.

While we’re at it, please remove donation notifications. We don’t need to be notified every time someone makes a donation request.


Chat is much improved by the fact that I no longer get requests from my old alliance! But the scrolling/jumping issues needs resolved quickly. It’s ridiculous to try to communicate in there.