Alliance chat, new bugs

Hi there!

Earlier this week I got a small 20MB update, and I assume it did something to the alliance chat. Ever since then I notice that I can properly scroll, and I believe that my messages do get sent after a battle.
I haven’t tested this for that long yet but this is what it seems like.

HOWEVER! (there is always a but)

Requests disappear. My own request I did over 3 hours ago is just gone. Not in the list. I can scroll up or down and it is just not there. After an app restart it reappeared, and so did 5 other requests that I completely missed.
I do not know yet if chat text is also missing, but I would not be surprised.

So, how about it, when will one of your senior devs be put on this simple task and fix it in a couple of hours? :slight_smile:

When you switch back to your app, the map syncs, new dinos appear, etc. It’s pretty much always “in sync”, but when you go to the chat there is always stuff missing. It’s very odd.

So, the scroll is actually still bad, but the disappearing requests, especially my own, is definitely a new bug.

Hey there, @Tielenaar, thanks for reporting this. We’ll forward your feedback to our developers so that they can take a closer look and investigate on their side of things.


The scroll issue is not actually to do direct with battles. I can logon, do no battles, just other stuff like dart dinos, tap supply drops and leave my game open for a while, then the chat scrolling will be bugged. So it’s not specific to only battles.

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Yeah the same is happening to me. The scrolling works but the requests disappear