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Alliance chat/sanctuary bug?

I just downloaded the update and I was noticing something odd when I exit the sanctuary. It doesn’t return me to the sanctuary page, but instead the alliance chat page. However the alliance chat page sometimes shows up as empty and when it does finally load, the messages that show as current are older messages. Is anyone else having this issue?


same here.

2 issues, I now can’t get to one of my creatures in a sanctuary, click on the link from the creature view and it’s not in that sanctuary , secondly some of sanctuaries show as having 8/7 rather than 7/8

Same here, game is beyond broken. Just two more useless features with the new update.

I was wondering why my level 5 Sanctuary is now level 4, I’m guessing it’s because they tinkered with how much Sanctuary points dinos give, but decreasing a level is still weird.

Whoa! Speaking of bugs, what is this? :rofl:

I was playing the rare strike tower and this strange thing happened. I have never seen this.