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Alliance communication help - Hertenhunter

Hi all,

Need a bit of help or advice…our Alliance is what I would call a fledgling alliance. We’ve managed to grow our numbers so pretty much we always have the full 50 members, we used to sit around the 30 mark.

We only ever used to get rank 5 or 6 on the weekly rewards, now we are constantly hitting 8 or 9’s.

Our newest members have really added something extra to the group and our communication (in game chat) is a lot lot better than it has ever been.

It really does feel like we are moving in the right direction need to further enhance what we are doing… i’d love to get the level 20 sancs, etc, but I don’t think we are quite there in terms of our coordination.

Whilst the in game chat is ok, it obviously isn’t anywhere near ideal, especially for raids once you are in one. Can I ask what other Alliances use, or they feel, are the best methods to communicate and coordinate? I know Discord, but I don’t really have a huge knowledge on it and have only ever tried to use it on my laptop… looks kind of overly complicated. Any help of advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Andy (Leader of Hertenhunter)

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Of course, discord. If most of you use FB, use fb messenger. I would rather use discord though…its not hard to make a server for you alliance and a few channels.

Other than that, you can write out a url in game to like a chat site but you cannot write it as a link. Like I made this for people to use raids:

You would have to tell people to go to chatzy without saying and then enter that number. Then you could chat easier.

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An example: “Go or search for to chatzy the website, then put a forward slash in the url followed by 57570614544872”

I think that would not trip the in game chat.

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